Customer Feedback

...Today we used Final touch on an American Cherry floor that the Homeowners installed themselves, so there were more nail holes, a few gaps and nixed board edges that required filling. Straight out of a cool 5 gal pail the final touch didn't have the same flow as a room temp product, yet it trowelled splendidly easy without warming it up 1st. I trowelled an entire 300 sqft room with 1 pour out of the pail without the product drying/stiffening up nor did it require reconstitution. It sanded extremely easy and stayed in all the nail holes and gaps/chipped boards without sinking/shrinking. So in the short period of time that I have been using final touch it is passing the test.........   

...What is important is performance and convenient usability as well as overall cost factor associated with that. I don't mind paying for quality, but if quality is the same as another and lowers my cost factor then I'd be foolish to stick with a higher priced product that more than doubles my labor.   

...Purchased a 5 gal pail to try out on a 5/16 x 1-1/2 refinish { Heavy } It has the look and consitency of pancake batter and trowelled straight from the pail with ease. Figure I got roughly 750 square per gal {1200 sqft refin and used 1.5 gals} it filled all the gaps and nail holes we created from all the nail setting we did in one shot. It was finished tonight and the color was perfect. One job down with Final touch and at a substancially lower cost aside I may have a new filler that I will be using…   

...With Final touch I have a product that can be poured onto the floor and trowelled as is and doesn't sink, gives a good color representation once finish is applied, can be trowelled without stiffening as it's being used, it remains buttery smooth throughout the process. It also comes in "patch" form for spot filling larger imperfections and knots.   

...The color you customized for us worked perfect and it dried fast enough to not slow down our production line.   

...What I liked about your product is that I used it on one job and when I went to use it months later it was still usable.   

...Thank you for following up to see what I thought about your product, great customer service.   

...Yes Final touch is pretty good, I'd say that it has the reliability of TM without the aggrivation but spreads easily like ww without the failure.