1.    Can I speed up the drying time?

Yes, the drying time can be speeded up by adding alcohol in place of water for faster drying times especially in humid and cold conditions. A heating device, gas or propane heater can also be used.


2.     Does Final Touch dry faster than your competitors?

In most cases depending on the application.


3.     Can Final Touch be sanded wet?

Yes but not immediately after applying and with a premium quality belt sand paper it can be done on the first cut but needs to be dry for final cut.


4.     Can I get one color per container?

Yes, and we also manufacturer custom colors.


5.     Why two colors per container?

There are lots of reasons for two colors in one container. Below are just a few:

Cheaper to have two colors in one container that can mix multiple shades than to purchase multiple colors separately.

No wood is just one color: In all species of wood there are multiple shades from the shades in the grain to the shades in the knot hole.

New wood needs a lighter filler and older wood needs a darker filler.

Each grade of wood is a different shade. Select grade will use a lighter shade of filler than #2 or #1 grades of wood.

Applying an oil based finish can make filler darker and applying a water based finish can make filler lighter.


6.       I currently use [a popular brand of wood filler] can you make Final Touch the same color?

Yes we can customize Final Touch to any desired color.


7.     I applied Final Touch and after applying an oil based finish the filler was darker than before I applied it, Why?

Final Touch like all wood fillers reacts differently to the type of stain is applied. An oil based finish will make the filler darker, and a water based finish will make filler lighter. Use the lighter filler for oil based and the darker filler for water based.


8.     If Final Touch freezes can it be thawed out and used?

Yes, Final Touch will come back to the same exact consistency as before freezing.


9.     I applied Final Touch and after applying an oil based finish I saw filler residue in the wood that I didn't see before applying, why?

Either you sanded to fast, or your sandpaper was worn out.


10.  Can I add a stain or tinting agent to Final Touch?

Yes, any tinting agent.


11.  How can I make sure Final Touch is going to be the color I need it to be after adding a finish?

Keep in mind you need to know what finish you are going to use before mixing Final Touch because using an oil based finish tends to darken the filler or a water based finish tends to lighten the filler.


12.  Why is Final Touch denser than other wood fillers?

Because you can always add water to make thinner but you can not make it  denser.


13.   Why is Final Touch so much cheaper than your competitors?

Because we want to provide an outstanding product at an affordable price.