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Powdered Filler

How would you like a powdered filler that offers the same great characteristics as our pre-mixed filler? Final Touch Powdered Filler is a groundbreaking product that can be customized to enhance what is important to you in wood filler. Make a dense patch filler using less water or a trowel filler that has just the consistency you need using more water, all in our ready to use containers. Our product mixes easily in less than five minutes and can be used immediately or stored for future use. Most products on the market do not give you the option of storing the product for later. You can also achieve an exact color match whenever you are ready to mix the filler using our Final Touch Colorant!

Are you looking to minimize costs? Our lightweight Final Touch Powdered Filler reduces both shipping charges and the costs associated with maintaining an inventory of several different pre-mixed fillers. Most importantly, it is much less expensive than our pre-mixed fillers!

Red Oak
White Oak
Yellow Pine
Brazilian Cherry
Knot Hole